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Miss Gotzy

Page history last edited by Lana Gotzy 2 years, 6 months ago


Welcome to the school year 2017-18

My prayer is that this school year will be an excellent year of growth spiritually and intellectually. I know there will be lots of learning going on.  I will look forward to talking to you and getting to know you better in this school year.   One of the main things that we need to have from our students is constant communication.  That means Weekly!  So every week you should be handing something in anyway, but if you are not, then still communicate with me.  If you are having troubles with any topic in my courses, please feel free to call, email or skype me.



A great way to contact me for quick answers to questions is by SKYPE.  It is a free service that you can download pretty quickly and allows us to instantly chat back and forth, as well as talk if you have a microphone with your computer. As long as I am in front of my computer I will see your text.  Just go to skype.com to download this program.  You can ask me to add you or you can look me up using Gotzy or Lgotzy.


Scripture Memory Contests

We have several ongoing contests with Anchor Academy. Please see our handbook for complete details



Side Bar

Please see the side bar on the right for all my courses and all important information pertaining to those courses


Getting Started

I encourage you to make a school duo-tang or binder with one divider for each course. It is good to keep the DL calendar at the front of this book for quick reference. You can print off the course outlines so you have quick easy access to all the time lines for each course.  Also, you can record all pace tests marks on those course outlines.   That way if a test gets lost or misplaced, you can always look up the mark there.  We will need to know that you have started the course or that you are seriously planning on doing it this term. So all teachers will ask for a first assignment to know that the student has started the course.


Pace work

Each ACE or SAICS workbook comes with a test and an answer key.  So Make sure you remove the tests from the middle of the paces or from the package of SAICS and put those tests in a safe place.  You can also put all the answer keys somewhere safe.


Honor roll

To attain honor roll, the student must memorize the monthly scripture,  get a B average or higher and complete at least a terms worth of work in each course. With the scripture memory, there are also scripture memory contests which you can read more about in the School Handbook at www.ark.net.



The Ministry of Education has launched online Transcript and Certificate Ordering.  British Columbia secondary school graduates may now order their transcripts and/or graduation certificates at the following website:  www.bced.gov.bc.ca/transcript


School Calendar

We have altered the school calendar slightly from the elementary school because of the need to get the marks into the ministry of education in a timely way.  We will need you to stick to the schedule tightly.  If the work is not sent into the teachers at the end of the quarter promptly, it will not get on the student report card for that quarter. 


Student ID Cards 

Email your student photo to  anchorstudentid@ark.net and request a student ID card. These had to be in by 18th of September.   However, we will do a second run in October, so if you missed the first run, then still submit your picture.



Financial Aid


     information on searching all scholarships 


     Information about loans, financial advice and more



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